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About the Book

As a new President takes office in Washington, the country is reeling from an economy that is approaching depths not seen since the Great Depression. The financial industry is in trouble and the new administration is insisting that the largest banks all participate in the Federal Bailout program. Jace Orren, CEO of one of those banks, doesn’t believe his bank needs the bailout and refuses to take it. Under the direction of McMillan, a very powerful behind-the-scenes advisor to the President, the government tries through direct and indirect means to force Jace to go along with the President’s plans. In the struggle between this Machiavellian advisor and Jace Orren, the banking, automobile and airline industries all become involved in a battle setting the powers of an intrusive and controlling government against the ideals of free market capitalism.

Much like during the Civil War, two brothers, Jace’s sons, are on opposite sides. One brother, Josh, is a liberal who passionately defends the President’s left-leaning agenda. The other brother, Matt, runs a hedge fund and is an ardent foe of any policies that appear to support the government’s moving away from the principles of our Founding Fathers. For the past few years, Josh has been working for McMillan and now his career is taking off as an analyst and TV commentator who argues for the President’s positions on the automobile industry. As Jace becomes an impediment to the administration’s control of the banking industry, McMillan attempts to use Josh against him. Meanwhile, Matt is struggling to keep his hedge fund going in the midst of the economic meltdown.

Jace’s daughter, Sarah, is a senior executive of one of the country’s largest airlines. That airline is failing as it deals with issues that have been troubling the airlines for decades, including stormy and unproductive relationships with unions. Now, she is part of a team trying to work a merger with another large airline. Together they could be profitable and competitive with the rising tide of foreign carriers. However, the unions are resisting this merger and the government is unlikely to grant the necessary antitrust approvals.

In the interplay of events relating to Jace and his children, the wills of powerful people are tested. The political soul of the country is fought for. There is tragedy and redemption. This story takes place between January 2009 and June 2009. It mirrors the stories and headlines printed in the Wall Street Journal and the TV news shows. It may become difficult for the reader to believe this is a work of fiction.