As a new President takes office in Washington, the country is reeling from an economy that is approaching depths not seen since the Great Depression. The financial industry is in trouble and the new administration is insisting that the largest banks all participate in the Federal Bailout program. Read more

About Bill Diffenerffer

Bill has been an attorney who has lead billion dollar financial transactions, a Partner in IBM’s Business Consulting Services Group where he was a leader of its global travel and transportation practice, a professor who taught MBA classes, and the CEO of two travel technology companies, one of which was then the world’s third largest provider of computer reservation systems for the travel industry. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

Jace Orren sat at his desk waiting for a call from the President of the United States. He had talked to prior Presidents, had shaken their hands and posed with them for glossy pictures – the kind that were taken following big contributions at fund raisers. This wasn’t that kind of thing. Ironically, the President wanted to give him – his bank – money. A few billion dollars. Read more

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